DITTO - 1984 EVOLution - Matte TransElectric Lime


The EVOLution… based on our proven design but now it's evolved to the next step. Incorporating a tapered steer and headtube (1 1/8" top bearing and a 1.5" lower bearing) which helps with distribution of stresses and forces. Also featuring our newly redesigned 8mm thick rear dropouts… a little longer to allow more rear wheel adjustment to be able to be 13.75"(slammed) to 14.5"(fully extended) to give you just the right fit.
- Removable brake posts and cable guides.
- integrated seatpost clamp
- integrated chain tensioners.
Available in matte TransPurple, matte TransGreen and matte TransBronze.

TT 21.75” & 22”
HT 75
SO 9.5”
CS 13.75”-14.5”
BB 11.8”
(31.8” double butted TT
34.9” double butted DT)