DITTO - Berserker - Matte TransPurple


The Berserker name is an homage to our Norwegian roots.
Berserkers were warriors said to have a bear's strength and wildness, who fought in a trance like state… Filled with rage and without fear for his own life, the berserker cast himself into the midst of the battle arousing terror amongst friends and foes alike.

Sounds a lot like what the general public sees in bmxers, especially those warriors in the woods. Who often live in secret creating trails to battle the laws of nature, specifically gravity.

Upsized 34.9mm TT & 38.1mm DT
Removable cable guides as well as removable 990/ U-brake posts.
Integrated seatpost clamp
Integrated chain tensioners
Disc brake tabs

TT 22”
HT 74.5
SO 10.25”
CS 14”-14.75” (3/8 slots)
BB 11.8”
(34.9mm straight gauge TT
38.1mm double butted DT)