DITTO - Flashback Frame&Fork kit *LIMITED ONLY 25*


The year is 1984
The President of the United States of America is an Actor (Ronald Reagan). MTV held its first music Video Awards. On the Big Screen people are getting Footloose and calling Ghost Busters, while John Hughes introduces us to the ‘Brat Pack’ in hits like Sixteen Candles. Alex Trebeck gives his first answers on Jeopardy. The longest game in MLB history of 25 innings is played. We were riding the Lightning, thanks to Metallica while out in the Purple Rain via a Movie and Album by Prince. Apple computers airs its Orwell inspired dystopian commercial during the Super Bowl. But in the little known world of BMX Freestyle we were seeing the second production year of the ‘Freestyler’ specific bike frames.

These things touched our lives and left lasting impressions, but none as much as the later. Now years have passed from what seemed like a lifetime ago. Many of us who ‘lived to ride & ride to live’ have left the scene for work, wives and family only to find ourselves drawn back. This time often feeling the aches and pains of the wildness we experienced in that previous life and possibly on one of those original machines. With multicolored graphics and overall design, clearly inspired by those original machines of our youths, we proudly bring you the DITTO ‘Flashback’. A 22” (wheeled) Twin Top Tube frame & fork Combo. With crisp white paint (*images show high gloss, but actual production is a slightly matted finish. Not gloss, but also not 'flat'.*) and multi colored graphics, you will be inspired to throw your body once again, but hopefully now with a little less abandon’.

Features include:
- removable brake posts on both Frame and Fork.
- 8mm thick rear dropouts newly designed to offer more rear wheel adjust-abilities. (13.75” slammed to 14.5”), with Integrated chain tensioners.
- integrated seatpost clamp

TT 21.75”
HT 75
SO 9.5”
CS 13.75”-14.5”
BB 11.8”
(3/4” straight gauge TTT
34.9” double butted DT)

This is a limited run of 25, so get one NOW.

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